Never be Awaken.

I'm standing here and sunny rays burning my eyes
'Round me trembling grass and little mice diggin' their holes
I can go anywhere
Dreaming dreams instead
Make a rest at waterfall
I may fall asleep
Elves won't disagree
They will sing a lullaby

Entombed alive with mournful cries
I catch you - you'll be mine
You have to say good bye to your life
To enter the darkened paradise

I started to fall on my knees with magical sounds
And it seems to me like I'm lyin' here on the fields of dreams
Elves will come to me
Take me by the hand
Lead me to their feast
Flames are rising high
Sounds like pouring wine
I should never be awaken

Inherited to bury on (the) fields of immortal
For aeons till the dawn
And may be you wonder who am I, I tell you
I'm carrying the silverhorned crown.


I'm a guardian, I'm a guardian at the gates of witchery
I'm the envoy, I'm the envoy of unhuman nature
I'm searching, I'm searching for the eyes of enemy
Til the dawn come, til the dawn come I will stand immortally.

*People pushing at my side
Less than pity live their lives*.

Mighty armies, mighty armies coming to invade our land
Countless millions, countless millions trampling ground under feet
Stony souls, stony souls ain't got nothing to defeat
Empty handed, empty handed their will turn back in their home.


Last Light Flashes.

For the sun to rise waiting all your life
Pay for once has done the indulgent price

You ready to live this life you ready to pay the price
Born under immortal skies you have no fear to die

*Your life is laid to waste unable to create
You tryin' to forget but memory remains

In an ancient time you'd been put to die
But now another rules, there's no chance to try*

You sinner and born in sin
You loser, but want to win
Don't blame me - it's your own fault
You listen, but who's to talk


To be what you want to be to see what you'd like to see
To try just to save your skin and live in a misery
Down in your sins forlorn damn with your thoughts alone
Under immortal skies now it is time to die die die

You ready to live again
You wanna use this chance
But never a day you'll see
You damned by the memory.

In Winter.

Sense of the emptiness Breeding in endless grey
In the eternal dark Shadows of yesterday

Near is the innocent dawn of the day
Sunbeams will carry the troubles away
Cold snow embrace of the winter'll melt dawn
One of your senses forever unbound
Life out of pleasure & death out of pain
You will ignore that but somewhen again
You'll meet someone somewhere and feel like I do
Just call my name and I will tell you the truth

Year by year the some as now Winter's coming from above
With it's wordless snow white fields it engraves what autumn weaves

*(With) falling snow my dreams will melt I scream with autumn last leaf felt
Feel the power (of) cold blood frost And the last light flash is lost,*

I can not see the light I can not bear this sight Winter has killed
All that I lived, all that I blessed, all that I waited for
Winter has killed, winter has crushed with it's reinforcing frost
Emtiness filled my inner being and I decided to
Burn!!! Burn!!! Burn!!! Burn this through

This is dying autumn song there is nothing could be wrong
There's no power in the world Can ignore the winter cold.


Run Through.

*Storm rises - in velvet skies last thunder
In flashes of light lays Earth paralised
Reality fades in apocalyptic visions
Very last day of mankind*

There's no glory without loss
It's everlast wisdom that buried in minds
Forgotten by people that make the war
Let blood flow telling words of god,


There's no price to pay for all
For countless sins that now covered by time
Struggle with evil will evermore last
Til foremost sun will wipe the tears,


Setting... in morrowless souls
Condemned to keep the core of the evil
Like blind in a wasteland we run through the life
Awaiting the day when the truth will rise.

The Great Flower Of Northern Lands.

Nothing moves in the air you can't find someone near
Must forget all thoughts, must forget all dreams
It's not only seems in the name of one
Morgoth'll die by sun, comin' (in) next by war

In the name of myst, in the river's twist
Where the clouds are low blackened water flow
Somehow you will know: End of time will show
Surrounded by seven stones in the morning dew grows

The great flower of Northern lands; so we have to find the place
Where we'll get the power of Great flower of Northern lands.

The Top.

*On the top of the hill, there's someone who waits for you
Since your life just began, he's watching over you
And when you feel sick and tired, just let him take you home
His allseeing eye will watch above*

On the top of the hill there's stormy winds and snow
Nature forces unknown are play there to make hill grow
To the clouds and above where someone waits his time
To make free mother earth, & enslave the humankind

On the top of the world there's God and Devil fights
Fights for those who believe that they're almighty
And sun send it's rays for those who know the truth
For those who carry it's fire, who run life through.


Golden Horde.

From the abyss of wild east sands
Come the trouble which nobody waits
Pain and cries from that day never ends
The Golden Horde come forever to stay

The millions of hearts burn in hate
Their will to win never to stop
There's no place to run no escape
From the Golden Horde's arrows & swords

Fire everywhere can see the eye
Just smoke & blood you can smell
You can hear only suffering cries
And your life coming to livin' hell

*Burn the cities burn the towns, time of Golden Horde has come
Left the countries burn to ash, they will take just gold & cash
Forever to take place forever, forever stays
In our lands, in our towns, in our children, in our blood*


deimos 2003-2009