The history of it all...


DEIMOS biography

The beginning of 1999, winter.
An announcement about searching for musicians for the doom-death project appears in Moscow rock shops . It is signed "Leonid" and contains the telephone number.
Different people call and come. The relationship establishes with vocalist Dima and bass player Victor from the old Moscow band ABYSS. Not long before them appears the drummer Sergey, who was learning to play in the Pioneer center club. The attempts to get to the rehearsal base fail, so their meetings are taking place at home partly conversations with vodka, partly musical improvisations.
Autumn-the beginning of winter.
The members of the group stabilize this way: Leonid Gezalyan - guitar, Vladislav Manshin - drums, Aleksander Bulanov - bass. The 14 nth of December the historic rehearsal , which commemorates the beginning of intelligent and single minded Deimos activity, occures at the base near "Tulskaya" metro station.
The group is learning some numbers, now in Otradnoye culture center. The rehearsals take place 3 times a week. Feeling the lack of vocalist, Leonid Gezalyan invites an old friend of him Roman Orlov, who writes the words to the first four Deimos` compositions. Meanwhile Vladislav Manshin finds the second guitar player - Marine.
April, 25. Deimos are on the stage for the first time ever. The event takes place at the R-club, where the group earns 200 rubles. The vocalist doesn`t enjoy performing on public, so he leaves the group. The bass player and the girl who played the guitar are out of the group too, `cause they are not visiting rehearsals for the whole month. That summer one can hear guys playing at Leonid`s place they are rehearsing there with the new bass player Jury, guitarist Aleksander Glazkov and vocalist Tadeush Senich. The two last were Leonid`s school`n university mates.
The years 2001 - 2002.
The group is staging in Moscow clubs, changing bass players and learning new compositions.
Deimos begins to record their debut album. Firstly the drum parts are recorded at the October`s fortieth anniversary culture club. Commonly during the night the drummer records two compositions, but the process drags on because of the lack of money. It`s financed by the musicians themselves.
The year 2003.
All instruments and vocal are recorded already and the arrangement is made at the "Liga" studio. By the end of the year compositions of the group became accessible for the whole world owing to the fact that the Deimos official Internet site appeared.
Final improvement of recording, mastering and preparation for publication.
Autumn, 2004.
On the 14th of November label “Wroth Emitter” releases the first album of the band.
The band tour Russia to support the album.
Winter, 2006.
The musicians drive away at new compositions, limiting the number of concerts.
Autumn, 2006.
The band come to the studio “Fmdivision” determined to carry out all their ideas related to the second album. There starts rather laborious work starts – musicians search a special sound for each song, choose samples. Some compositions are rewritten several times, some instrumental parts are changed. The recording is interrupted only once with the journey to the hospitable town Velikie Luki for the performance on the fest “Metal Zone”. After that the band return to the studio.
Spring, 2007.
Long train of recording shifts is left behind, giving birth to the album “Outside emptiness”. Among different tracks it includes the cover-version of Yanka’s song “Íà äîðîãå ïÿòàê”, a free interpretation of one of the Bach’s preludes and acoustic version of the song “Run Through”. The album is recorded in two variants – with lyrics on English and Russian languages.
Summer, 2007.
Because of considerable stylistic distinctions between old and new material the band decide to create a side-project named “BLIND BLOSSOM” and including demo-album “Outside emptiness”.
Autumn-winter, 2007.
The band concertize a lot, and also invite a new drummer Dmitry Dobrokhotov, who replaces Vlad Manshin.
The musicians devote themselves to creative activity mainly within the project “BLIND BLOSSOM”.

About people

For today Deimos are:
Tadeush Senich - vocal.
Leonid Gezalyan - guitar.
Aleksander Glazkov - guitar.
Chance Paul Bassen - bass.
Dmitry Dobrohotov - drums.

About music

    The music of the group can`t be limited by the framework of any definite style. It`s a mixture that incorporates the elements of different musical directions. All of them are forming in a concrete, actual image composition, which finds it`s distinctive sound, as a result. The basis is rock, even hard rock, and further one can search for the echo of doom, death, thrash and so on.

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